Cultivating aesthetic pride in the wake of tragedy, the Freedom Innovations Plie 3 Microprocessor Controlled Knee delivers a new chance at increased mobility for those who have lost lower limbs. The polished aluminum knee is beautifully shaped, a true marvel of robotics. Initially gleaming in polished aluminum, the surface quickly oxidizes, vulnerable to abrasions and scuffs. So sensitive is this soft metal, even the brush of a jean pant leg mars the surface. The solution demanded creativity and innovation.
Aesthetics in robotics
A ceramic hardcoat ceracoat finish – tremendously difficult to apply to smooth polished surfaces as the coating runs, but durable for the anticipated daily use of the product. After applying the coating the edges of the piece needed to stay sharp and crisp and clean – machined corners must stay machined and razor sharp. We maintained the art of the machined part through patience in application by designing a special machine which moves the prosthetic in a gyroscopic motion as we hand spray it, preventing the paint from settling and pooling anywhere and encouraging the coating to distribute evenly. After utilizing this technique to apply a variety of beautiful, show-worthy designs for the prosthetic, patients now request this knee by name. The spirit of individualization lives on and a prosthetic becomes not only a talking point but a point of pride.
Our Process