A project in which the seemingly mundane evolved into a talking piece, a comfort item, and an enhanced revenue stream, all contained within one highly powerful dental machine.
The dream behind the Biolase Waterlase iPlus dental laser was born through a love of luxury supercars and their famed aesthetic. Tasked with transforming a machine to stand out from the typical beige hygiene devices, we used the sports-car inspired lines of the Waterlase to develop custom colors reminiscent of the most fantasized vehicles in the world. Not only designed to entice adults, we developed designs to calm and intrigue children, including jungle and aquarium themes. Bringing life to normally dry offices, the specialized paint boosted sales by 40% in the first year alone. When a brand harnesses the power of perceived value and elevates its product to high-level artistic decoration, the results are stunning in every way.
Our Process